What is your attitude about excellence?

Three common sense leadership tactics to use with underperforming employees.

What is your attitude about excellence?

As a leader, everything is your fault. Great leaders accept responsibility. Then they collaborate with their team to fix things.

And when things are amazing, great leaders shun the spotlight.

An article on Walt Disney’s thoughts on courage and leadership is here.

Son, become a student of leadership. Start with personal leadership. Start with these blogs. Balance is not a myth. Mind, body, spirit, work, home.

Improve one, the other four benefit. Neglect one, the other four suffer. Now do the math on improving two. Now the math on neglecting two.

i can’t make it simpler than this.

You are so far ahead of most 18 year olds. Do not shy from this advantage. And take on additional responsibility for helping your classmates who are willing to listen. To teach is to learn twice.

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