Why should i pick you?

Yesterday afternoon.

Why should i pick you?

This is the question every business must master with their brand reputation.

Brand reputation is grown over time.

When you’re first starting your business (and building your reputation) waiting for things to grow is the opposite of what you want to happen.

Most don’t have the wherewithal to stick it out.

And when you are desperate for things to happen (think revenue) you compromise, shortcut, and price cut because you don’t want to lose a sale.

You never become who you dream of becoming.

You become, like all the others, a loud, plain vanilla flavor, frantically jumping up and down shouting, “pick me, pick me, pick me.”

Son, what I have found through six decades on our planet is that being different is lonely.

Different has the power, however, to become the breakthrough, to be the light the world has wanted but didn’t know how to ask for.

If you are patient, purposeful, and over-focused, you grow slowly and steadily (say, over 60 years) into something that just might be the right change at the right time.

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