Ever been to one (or all) of these places in your career?

Tree growth rings in a wooden bridge post
Slow and steady growth, year after year after year


After nearly 15 years (since March 1999) and speaking to over one million people, something magical is happening within a career.

Ever been to a place like this in your lifetime?

The place where you feel like:

  • an artist
  • unencumbered
  • unmotivated by title, status, rank, salary
  • on fire
  • work everyday as if your life depended on it
  • become a stranger with fear
  • marry possibility
  • inspire positive change
  • feel like you have finally arrived
  • and the next week, years, or maybe even decade (or second half) are your years to bloom

This is insane. Like the first day of first grade.

Real life in real time.

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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    That’s the place people long to be, but so often never reach! It is like I have told leadership classes I have taught: “It’s the place in the road where passion crosses paths with contentment.”


  2. Patty, each day the devil shows up in many disguises, tempting us with doubt, and fertilizing the tiniest roots of fear lying dormant just below our consciousness, and pointing the blame at God.

  3. Jeff, love the illustration from the lines in the post (wood). It just reminds me that through your career, you don’t get to the most outter ring of the wood without having to first go through the other rings first – it is about growing and continuous growth based upon lessons learned, failures, successes, etc. Thanks for continuing to post with everyday wisdom.

  4. David, you’re welcome. If you followed the other four blogs, you would have seen the theme of todays photo’s – it was from a walk through a nature preserve.

    And the walk was because in attempting to run (as much as I wanted to), just couldn’t muster the motivation (a rare moment).

    Be well and remain amazed.

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