Knowledge is power is false

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Knowledge can move us, but not nearly like action


Knowledge is power is false.

Action is power.

Knowledge without implementation is the same as not knowing.


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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    Actually, I remember having this same discussion once with a past boss of mine who liked saying, “Knowledge is power,” as his way of getting people to take on more work and special projects. Being fairly new there and after observing the dynamics of the department, I remember telling him, “I don’t believe that this department holds to that concept. I believe from what I can see that this department believes that the “withholding of knowledge is power” is more like the correct motto. People feel more powerful around here because they know something someone else doesn’t and aren’t willing to share for fear of giving up their power. But that is so backwards, because what you may have gained as “power” only dimishes the respect people have for you. And in that respect, you lose power because you are no longer an influence.” I was so excited for making such an insightful observation, only to have him simply say, “That’s not true,” as he dismissed my comments.

    But you are right – power comes through action. Just having the knowledge (or withholding it) is like having a battery that is not plugged in to anything. It is stored, but no one knows if it is never used (or shared).


  2. Bob, your insight is brilliant.

    And the leader in your story fulfilled the prophecy.

    Hope you hold your chin up even after the “dismissal”.

    For in your knowledge of forgiveness and compassion, you are practicing hat you preach.

    Also love your battery analogy. Thank you Bob, for adding perspective here this morning.

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