The creative business ideas to put a bigger dent in our Universe

Disney Keynote Speaker jeff noel
Never gets old. In 1982, i looked out the window in the highest room, in the tallest tower. It was dark. And Magical.


The creative business ideas to put a bigger dent in our Universe have to be generated or you don’t have them.

Duh, right?

Idea generation comes from thinking.

Thinking comes from time during your day.

Your day is filled with stuff.

By intentionally carving out structure and processes that you control, you systematically create daily space for creativity to flourish.

In my former life, i would have immediately dismissed the notion of writing seven Disney Business books simultaneously.

Imagine publishing a series of business books based on spending your life learning, doing, and teaching the world-famous Disney culture secrets.

Can you imagine?

Would you rise to the occasion?

Would you announce it at the journey’s start?

Or would you wait until it’s fully completed?

In reality, you’d probably do both and then for good measure, you’d do a third option – a hybrid of the first two.


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