Go get ’em Greta

A hidden gem, this angle. Heavy Runner (middle right) from an angle no one sees. Even the people who climb Mt Reynolds have no reason to hike to this place.
Panorama. Glacierally-carved. Yesterday morning.
Blackfoot Glacier. From 150 glaciers in 1850 to 23 glaciers in 2019. Forecast is for all 23 to be declassified as glaciers by 2030.
This flat “peninsula” was an easy and stunning walk.
Blackfoot Glacier closeup.
This group sold us on walking out there.
Same group, upper right. Zooming out for context.

Go get ’em Greta.

A 16-year old Swede is making our World uncomfortable with our collective apathy towards global warming.

Supremely courageous leadership is rarely popular because, while the cause almost always has unanimous agreement something should be done, almost no one will act.

For example:

Mental illness, gun control, obesity, opioids, divorce, sex trafficking, internet addiction, etc, etc.

Greta’s guts to call people (particularly policy makers like the UN) out inspires the heck out of me.

It makes me question my convictions too.

This is comfortably uncomfortable.

Thank you Greta.

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