Great leaders instill confidence

Garmin GPS
At 8,616′, i found shelter behind a rock and ate lunch at 11:00 AM.
mountain side
Looking left (East) from my lunch seat. Not an optical illusion. It’s that steep.
mountainside rest spot
The foothold (right foot) was reassuring.
The cairn (rock-pile marker) was there when i got there.
Logan Pass visitor’s center in lower center. Mt. Oberlin middle-left edge. Character from Toy Story 4 (Summer 2019).

Great leaders instill confidence.

Stacy and Steve stumbled upon me eating lunch at 8,616′.

With the super strong winds, i was uncomfortable enough to stop ascending, eat lunch, and then descend rather than push 500′ more to the summit.

Stacy and Steve were summiting for the 13th time. Stacy spread her parent’s ashes at the summit three and eight years ago respectively.

i knew right away that they’d be great guides (leaders).

It was a no-brainer to continue ascending.

My gut was accurate.

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