One plus one equals three

Seeking the lost art of growing old with intention. Sounds interesting. As CEO of You, Inc., everything you do or don’t do is your responsibility. 
Hike number two yesterday. 
Swiftcurrent firetower. Jody talking with Matthew, a Glacier Boat Company employee at Many Glacier.  
On the way up to the fire tower. Looking North. 
Looking up (and East). 
Looking southeast. 

Jody and i planned to record an “If Disney Ran Your Life” podcast episode at the fire tower. 

The wind and cold (and conversation) cancelled that plan. 

We descended for safety as we were beginning the early stages of being dangerously cold. 

A key talking point on the hike is our observation of a potentially epidemic avoidance of personal responsibility. 

As sunset faded to dusk and dusk was fading to darkness, we completed my first Glacier National Park If Disney Ran Your Life podcast episode. 

It was a cool experience and i am glad to be back recording after a two-month break. 

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