Podcast topics for GNP

Logan Pass is another option. Photo: 6:30pm last night.

Picking up Jody Maberry at the Kalispell airport today. Maybe we’ll hike Oberlin before heading down to Rising Sun where we sleep tonight.

Locations: Wild Goose Island, Granite Park Chalet, Grinnell Glacier Overlook, Swiftcurrent Firetower, Ahern Pass, Swiftcurrent Motor Inn.

Topics: Growth, Ambition, Setbacks, Criticism, Honors/Awards, Diversity Layers, Pushing, Struggling, Magic Moments, Relationships, Mentoring, Mentors, Fun, Initiative, ORCHIDB, Defining Moments, Change, Competition, Leadership Transitions.

Jody doesn’t need internet access to record. Our biggest challenge will be wind.

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