Put in place to discourage “risk taking and poor judgment”

Disney Keynote Speakers
The obvious question, to me, is, “Why not?”


Disney Keynote Speakers
If you could but didn’t, “Why not?”


Disney Keynote Speakers
Doesn’t take much to go the extra inch.


Disney Keynote Speakers
These props are so light weight.


Disney Keynote Speakers
i don’t carry very much, but i am intentional about what i always carry.


Disney Keynote Speakers
The bead jar never travels. Jack the Bear has been around the world.


Disney Keynote Speakers
Lower left hand corner. Lucky photo.


Did I mention that i did the same group shot at Hidden Lake Overlook.

A couple embraced me when i asked them, “Would you mind taking a few photos?”

It was fun bending the rules, to work within the parameters the National Park Service put in place to discourage “risk taking and poor judgment”.

i colored outside the lines by going a few feet off the trail to take the Disney Character photos. It felt 100% safe.

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