Virtual speaking fee is double in-person fee

Mickey and Minnie note card
Disney is not a Mickey Mouse operation. You want the secrets, be prepared to pay appropriately for the value exchange. 

Here’s an email response to an international virtual fee inquiry.

Happy present moment Simran. Thank you for asking. i have a radical approach to virtual. For virtual, the fees double. 

Imagine the power of every single employee knowing the bullseye goal for every single customer interaction. This is world-class, remarkable, industry-leading customer service. 

Now imagine no two employees having the same simple answer. This is chronic, deadly, organizational chaos. 

**Note: since writing this post months ago, virtual fee has tripled. Used to say no to virtual requests. Hated saying no. Now the inquirer says no. If someone sees the triple-the-in-person-fee value objectively, will gladly deliver a virtual keynote speech and allow the client to keep a recorded copy in perpetuity.

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