Creating this workbook is a great business lesson

Disney's Cinderella Castle
i must always remember my roots, my DNA.


Creating this workbook is a great business lesson. Should you pay by the hour or by the project? i do not have the definitive answer, but i do know this workbook will be well over $1,000 to design. Learning expensive lessons comes with the territory. Especially when you hire the best people. There’s a decent chance this workbook will be a breakthrough. Breakthroughs generally are worth every penny you spend.

PS. After this was written, the printing cost alone was $50 per book for 40 copies ($2,000 plus $1,000+ to design = $3,000+). Each book had a tangible $75 price tag. i did not factor in any of my time, which would up the price significantly. The client will never know.




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