Disney creativity experiment on LinkedIn yesterday

The text in this photo sets the context for today’s post…


Disney Creativity jeff noel
This was inspired after having taken the risk to do my first Guest PodCast appearance.


Disney creativity experiment on LinkedIn yesterday:

Sean called in less than a minute. We spoke for an hour. He asked for advice, so i gave him exactly what i did to launch my business in 2009:

1. Don’t quit your day job

  • Life will be hard whether you work two jobs or are desperately trying to be discovered in only one job
  • Having a steady income takes pressure off and buys you time to develop your dream

2. Write publicly

  • Don’t expect any readers (except family) and don’t try to be perfect
  • This refines what you truly believe in and how you want to say it

3. Live in gratitude

  • Try being unhappy when you’re grateful
  • You, like everyone else, are in a hell, coming out of a hell, or about to enter a hell know one knows about; it can’t be an excuse or crutch

4. Set a compelling deadline

  • Accelerates decisions
  • Eliminates excuses

Sean’s story humbled and inspired me.

Thinking creatively at Disney is like breathing – no thought whatsoever.




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