Do my four world class customer service basics apply everywhere?

Top Disney Conference Keynote Speaker
His Customer Service Keynote speech covered the four world-class service basics.


These questions from a recent audience member prompted my response below:

Is there a difference in the customer approach between a consumer oriented organisation (like Disney) vs a corporate relation (like IBM dealing with clients), i.e do you believe that the four world class basics you present apply the same way?

And, is there a place for emotions in the type of environment where we are? How can we leverage emotions in our customer relations?

My reply:

There is no difference. Why would there be? People serve people. The product is literally irrelevant in the equation. Who cares about a great product if the employees are rude and unhelpful? No one.

Disney is a massive, global, 160,000+- employee enterprise. We have divisions (and people) who do similar things like what you do. No one at Disney says, “These things only apply to The Theme Parks.”

The other way to understand this is that the four principles work for employees serving other employees (never seeing the paying customer), as well as Leaders serving employees. There is no difference.

Emotion trumps everything. What makes us (you, me, our colleagues) loyal to a product or service is the emotional connection? We will drive farther and spend more for something we can get closer and cheaper. Yet we invest more time and/or money for the same thing. Why? Because we believe someone treats us better. We like that, and will pay a premium. Trust wins at the end of the day. Emotions and trust are inseparable.




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