Leading yourself?

Granite Park Chalet
To sleep here 15 days in a Summer of 90 days is absurdly over-focused. No electricity, no running water, no heat (nights in 40’s), no wifi, spotty cell signal, pit toilet.

Leading yourself?

If you’ve been habitually over-focused on your personal and professional development, you are not panicked right now.


Because the chaos the world is experiencing is normal for you.

You are always experiencing things that are uncertain, taking risks others could take, but never do.

You have already lived with deep fear and even deeper doubt. You’ve failed, learned, and improved. Over and over.

It’s part of your DNA – being comfortable being uncomfortable.

When you quit your job to start your business, you made do with limited resources, uncertain conditions and outcomes, as well as the psychological trauma of probably losing it all. Odds overwhelming do not favor startups.

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