Professionally at Disney’s Castaway Cay 8:30am – 4:45pm

Disney Cruise
From our pool deck chairs yesterday at Sea. Carl.


Disney Cruise


Disney Cruise
Cheryl in bottom right, sitting on chair reading book.


Disney Cruise
Ellie wrote Carl a special note in her “Adventure Book”.


Disney Cruise
This is Carl sitting in his chair as he read Ellie’s note.


Disney Keynote Speaker jeff noel
Wall art.


Disney Keynote Speaker jeff noel
A little closer…the turrets…potential logo.


Disney Cruise
More wall art…in one of the men’s restrooms.


Disney Cruise


Disney Cruise
Closer still.


Disney Cruise
Wall art is everywhere.


Professionally at Disney’s Castaway Cay 8:30am – 4:45pm.

Yesterday included several Disney movies including a personal favorite, UP.

Humbled at our Family Disney bloodline and how Disney principles have shaped our lives.

Disney storytelling is exceptional.

On occasion, our (Disney) storytelling is exceptional.

UP is exceptional storytelling.

And UP is semi-biographical for us.

And time always marches on…

After the community deck time, and during the second walk, the Disney art captured my spirit.

Excellence is a habit.

And it all started (for us) with a Mouse.

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