Shit my dad did

Father and son at beach sunset
Sanibel Island every year of your life, so far.

Shit my dad did (high-level highlights):

Wrote me a book as a “Life Guide” in case something bad ever happens to him and he’s not around to answer my questions.

Wrote me five daily, differently-themed blog posts, as a real life, real time life guide.

Recorded for me a 100-episode podcast (If Disney Ran Your Life) about personal vibrancy.

Took me and my mom to Sanibel every year of my life. At 13, we started going every Summer to Glacier.

Demonstrated how to have personal vibrancy in all five of life’s most important choices: mind, body, spirit, work, home. These five are the same topics in the book, the blogs, and the podcast.

(Still in my Son’s voice) The list is literally endless, but I’ll end on this one…from the time I was three years old until I graduated High School, my dad insisted on an habitual at-school, after-school (at pick-up time) bear hug. Never missed a day. There was no bus and I didn’t have a car.

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