Where is the finish line in the pursuit of excellence?

Disney Toy Story characters
2014 Walt Disney World Cast Member Service awards at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Think of the Disney animated classics from 1937 – 1995. Fifty-eight years worth of unprecedented animation.

Nearly six decades.

Have you ever looked back on your best accomplishments as a leader, professionally and personally?

i mean, spent serious time, without pressure and distraction?

Our best work doesn’t last, unless it’s timeless, and the odds of that happening are rare. Look at what Pixar’s Toy Story did with CGI.

Therefore, our best work has an expiration date.

It’s not fair.

But it is fair.

It’s not fair for everyone, thus the fairness.

At Disney, we are never satisfied.

This is Disney’s least talked about business secret.

Once we improve something, we start the (continuous) process to improve upon the improvement.

The road to excellence has no finish line.

If Disney ran your business, never being satisfied would be something you’d have to get used to.

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