Brief moments of thinking brilliantly

DFW airport
DFW airport, two days ago. What an insane accolade. Congrats DFW.
DFW airport
DFW airport. Wow, Wow, 475 out of 500 top companies use Webex. Congrats Webex.
DFW airport
DFW airport. Deloitte is the largest “business services” firm in the world.

On a mentoring phone call, yesterday walking back from the gym, a moment of insight.

Similar to how Roy Disney saw profit as the goal and Walt saw profit as the reward, i told the mentee to use that contrast in his Disney Leadership application.

Guessing close to 100% of the applicants apply with a job as the goal. What if Tim applied with a job as the reward?

He liked it. i liked it.

That wordsmithing had never happened prior to yesterday, March 15, 2019.

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