Kicking Off March With A Great Video Interview With Lee Cockerell, Retired Disney Executive VP of Operations

The most influential leader I’ve ever personally known at Walt Disney World, Lee Cockerell, answers five big questions from a Pastor:

SeedsConf 2011 :: 5 Questions with Lee Cockerell from Church on the Move on Vimeo.

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  1. Jeff, thoroughly enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for sharing and now I need to go share it too.

  2. Thanks for sharing this video (mom) – it took me 3 hrs to get through it b/c of 2 little cute girls needing my attention – but I enjoyed it also and want to share it with my husband (and his company!)

  3. Monica, Lee is one of the most amazing human beings and greatest leaders on the planet. Period. There is no theory in his approach. He simply is extraordinarily effective.

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