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Gathering knowledge through study and experimentation has a goal. Most don’t know the bigger picture.

Far too often in organizations, leaders toss aside the very reason they are there, their higher purpose. In it’s place is the boring mediocrity of going through the motions.

Transforming themselves and those around them is polluted by tasks – finding answers to questions that don’t matter rather than seeking questions that do.

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  1. With regard to the image: Lab, Sweet Lab. Seeing this shot brought back memories of trial and error with little bits of success sprinkled along the way.

  2. The drive to learn is rooted in finding the answers. Experimentation starts with a hypothesis. A scientist has an expectation and looks towards that result. In graduate school I learned that if you are not getting the answer you expect, then you are asking the wrong question. My most interesting ah-ha moment was realized after 3 months of banging my head against the wall, failed experiments. The data were right. The question was wrong. Great life lesson.

  3. Patty, thanks for your professional insights as an actual Scientist.
    I’m assuming (and hoping) you, or anyone else, felt no disrespect.
    The underlying thought is that we all have a job description, which usually implies a fair amount of repetition. World-class organizations harness the higher power of offering their customers an emotional product, something intangible.
    If an organization forgets to ask the right question – what’s our emotional product – their people have nothing higher to aspire to while doing their routine tasks.
    Sorry for the length of this comment. I don’t have enough time this morning to write a shorter one.

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