Who’s your attorney?

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This is a scary high place. An innocent slip can cost you your life. Knowing the risks and studying what causes them and how to prevent them is pure common sense. We had a fascinating conversation about feeling too safe at home because the risks aren’t obvious with something as trivial like HOA liability.

Our conversation drifted away from HOA liability to our kids, life post-Disney, and a potential global WWIII. Later, as usually happens, thought more about insurance liability coverage and had an obvious first question, and then an immediate second question.

  1. Do they have a Real Estate/HOA attorney?
  2. What’s their HOA budget for legal fees?

Most small HOA’s would be defenseless against a personal injury attorney. Or any attorney for that matter.

Guessing that most HOAs are run by Property Management Companies and have an appropriately insured HOA.


So the Property Management Companies do not expose themselves to the liability of under-insuring an HOA client.

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