Patience Is A Virtue

These boys will not become men overnight. And not without great guidance.

Leaders are in their position to lead. And at the end of the day it’s excruciatingly simple. Lead to get great results.

The paradox is that great results don’t happen overnight. Patience is a virtue, and a pain in the rear. Hurry up, I need that report  those results yesterday.

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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    I have always been told to never pray for patience – it is something that God can help to provide you, but only through experiencing being “squeezed.” James speaks of how the “testing of your faith” produces patience, and I don’t know a lot of folks that necessarily enjoy having their faith tested. It is only a pleasure after the fact, when you can look back and see how God got you through it, but it isn’t fun while in the midst of it.

    I am learning more and more (nowhere near having arrived, though) that frustration with things not happening when and I how I expect them to is simply not trusting that God will be there when it does happen, saying, “Have faith in me – I know what I am doing.” He is testing my faith, and hopefully (as well as sometimes painfully) He is polishing off the rough edges.


  2. Patty, patience is a gift. A daily gift. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to open up the gift and see it a new every day.

  3. Bob, Faith is continuously developed. Am currently reminded of that as something so dreadfully unjust is happening and all I can do is be patient and trust that God will reveal a great insight.

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