Will Podcasting go from fad to art?

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Couple days ago from an after school meeting about the Arts.


Will Podcasting go from fad to art?

If it does, it will need to first move from fad to trend.

If podcasting lasts, the ones who break the mold create art will be the ones people will gravitate to.

A notable podcaster and i have been talking at length. Yesterday i told him that i believe he will benefit more from working with me than i will from working with him. At least initially. He agreed, and we struck an agreement.

He was going to purchase and send a special microphone from Seattle to Orlando. i offered to buy it (which i did) myself from Amazon. It will be here tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks Donna. There are many opinions about giving away free intellectual property. Have you ever paid to access podcasts? If you have, why? If you haven’t, why not? My gut says the podcast audience isn’t the audience that books speakers or management consultants.

    Meanwhile, i continue to offer free insights, observations, hopes, challenges, accountability, etc. i feel good about that work, and the 12k+ posts that you have graciously carved out time to read. 🙂

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