Because we are usually so busy doing that we have precious little time

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There is always a certain degree of risk in each and every day – are we mindful?


As a leader, it’s an amazing accomplishment to be fully in the moment and see things we don’t normally see.

In a professional environment, this is extremely challenging to do because we are usually so busy doing that we have precious little time to pay attention to anyone else.

But when we do find time, it can be transformational in our comprehension of our work environment.

And this may reveal a breakthrough, potentially.

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  1. Very timely post Jeff. Just today I was making my Friday rounds at some of our Ambulatory Centers and Physician offices. Anyone familiar with Washington DC can appreciate that making rounds in that area is not like running to the corner store, but it is important to accomplish. I remember very clearly what Lee Cockerell says in his book on Creating Magic: “Be visible in the work areas and in the break rooms, and talk to people as you make your rounds. Ask if anything is standing in the way of great performance, whether it’s sluggish procedures, unclear operating guidelines, obsolete equipment, inadequate training, etc. Then ask if there is something you can do to make their jobs easier. Listen intently, write down what they tell you, and follow up quickly by fixing the problem.”

    Excerpt From: Lee Cockerell. “Creating Magic.”

  2. David, love great timing. Love leadership. Love Lee Cockerell.

    Love making a difference too.

    Be well and remain amazed.

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