Controversial Disney internal politics shared

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Controversial Disney internal politics shared in this revealing Disney Magic Band story.

A health care executive asked me what i thought of the article.

My response?

These kinds of internal struggles happen in every organization and it is no different at Disney.

End of story.

The insight is that politics, notwithstanding, do not mean an organization can’t be vibrant.

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  1. I have also read that outside firms were consulted or even were given ownership (this is speculative) of the project, in the early stages, causing even more tension. It was all in the name of pushing the envelope, leading the industry, transforming the guest experience.
    What the guest sees all came out beautifully (product and usage), in the end.

  2. Thanks for sharing your perspective Craig. Ultimately, in my opinion, there are outsiders who only know what they read, and there are insiders (some for a lifetime) who know how it really works.

    My spontaneous metaphor at 6:26 am: Armchair quarterback vs a person throwing interceptions occasionally.

  3. Exactly. I’m reminded, again, about the gentleman who told stories about Mr Eisner from Disneywar (book) vs your actual experience.

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