Don’t Bother Me

Sure Hope It's Just Make Believe
Sure Hope It's Just Make Believe

Please don’t bother me with bad news, I’m on vacation.

We just got a new puppy four days ago, and our son’s birthday is tomorrow.

So being on vacation, I’ve had the opportunity to catch some of the ABC Evening News.

In the past day or two, ABC News reported we may be heading to another recession.

Is that possible?

Batten down the hatches.

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  1. In my completely uneducated opinion, it’s only a recession because of all of the stimuli.
    Had it not been for all of the artificial spikes from the bailouts (money that didn’t exist), we’d be at the same point now as we would have been without them.
    So, still a recovery, things are just righting themselves. Capitalism at work.
    Not a natural recession, just an artificially imposed one.
    I’m not worrying, just keeping my head down and driving through.
    Open the gates…

  2. David, I like to live each day as if I were walking in the wilderness, on a trek to somewhere important. And often on the journey, the terrain is familiar and easy, and the rest of the time it’s not.
    Living in the moment, learning from the past, and planning for the future.
    Worry? No.
    In the moment? Yes.

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