Great Leader Question

How Does It Happen In Nature?
How Does It Happen In Nature?

Are great leaders born or made?

Do great leaders have an endless supply of hope, or are they realists?

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  1. I believe great leaders have vision, hope, and faith, in addition to a good dose of realism. They see what is, but they also see what can be and how, with a bit of elbow grease, one can get there.

  2. Patty, good thoughts.
    It would seem that our first victory from vision, hope, faith and realism, would be with ourselves.

    How can we show others the destination, if we haven’t been there ourselves?

    How can we ask others to be brave, if we lack courage?

  3. I lack courage when it comes to riding roller coasters. But, I acknowledge my hesitation, and elevate those around me that get me to ride the rides I eventually enjoy. I think a good leader doesn’t always have to be first, but they have to promote the goodness in others, that move ideas forward.

  4. You’re comment can remind all of us that there are bigger, scarier things that rarely are put in front of us, like riding a roller coaster.

    And then there are the small, seemingly insignificant things that happen everyday, and sometimes all day, that require a courage to keep going, to not give up, to be in the moment.

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