He said, here, it’s yours

jungle jeff not far from where he started in 1982
jungle jeff not far from where he started in 1982 (photo: Nov. 17, 2013) (last night)


The tie was a gift from a colleague many years ago. All that was said was, “Really like your tie”. He said, here, it’s yours.

He must have felt like a million bucks in his insanely giving moment.

Like the feeling in photographs we see of extraordinarily grateful people.

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  1. It is amazing when you develop that attitude of “it’s just stuff” and you can say, “Here, it’s yours.” When you get that attitude, it is easy to give.

  2. Patty, awakening to a life of gratitude (after unknowingly spending a life of self-centeredness) is a sure way to avoid getting complacent with blessings.

  3. Bob, growing up owning only one pair of shoes at a time… a pair of sneakers (Jack Purcell’s from Sears) that would be worn until there were holes on the bottoms. Only then would it be time to buy a new pair.

    A white undershirt and cut off jeans were the ‘business’ suit of choice in Summers.

    Anyway, slow and steady wins the race to minimalist.

  4. Jeff,

    I am there with you. I remember getting a new pair of shoes at the beginning of the school year from JC Penney’s that were two sizes too big that should last the growth I should have for the whole school year. And I know this sounds funny, but I remember in 9th grade how excited I got because my feet stopped growing. That meant I wouldn’t outgrow my shoes anymore that I wore all the time.

    So now, I think there is a sense of graciousness and appreciation for what I have that even my own kids don’t get. That’s why it makes it easier to give to others.


  5. Bob,

    That’s how I feel about my stained glass windows. I’ve given more away than I have exchanged for payment. If you like it, you can have it. Most people don’t understand. The act of giving is freeing and a blessing that continues to give.

  6. Patty, our best efforts must never be compromised by the peer pressure subconsciously emitted by busy humans (a group we are also a part of – and most likely have blind spots in different places).

    May we all continue to strive to identify our blind spots and work quietly, diligently, and with great humility to overcome them.

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