If you are going to be trapped, pick the one that lights your fire

Promises, promises, eh?
Promises, promises, eh?


On the plane yesterday an epiphany. A short 30-minute flight, and a headache, from Buffalo to Detroit. No ambition to squeeze in work, not even to read a few more pages of Malcolm Gladwell’s new book.

We talked most of the flight. She’s been in sales with the same company, traveling every week of the year (Monday through Thursday night) and hates it. But she’s trapped – there is nowhere she can go and make the kind of money she makes.

Without thinking, shared my philosophy about work and purpose and money.

In the process realized that excelling at your current job will never earn remarkable salary increases.

That happens only by climbing the ladder.

If you are going to be trapped, pick the one that lights your fire.

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  1. Never accidental meetings or coincidences — that lady needed to hear what you had to say on that flight, and who knows what sort of seeds you might have planted within her life! Great job, Jeff — always pointing folks to the truth! 😀

  2. So many organizations (including one of the largest healthcare systems in the northeast) loses so many talented people because of an HR policy that states that a promotion can not result in anything more than 10% as long as it is within the new job grade. These days (especially in healthcare), earning 1.5% annual increase for being a star performer won’t attrack those that are talented to stay with their current employer. This goes without even mentioning the cost of turnover. You see this in the field of nursing often when a large healthcare system has many hospitals in the same geographic area, they will intentionally hire at the mid point of the grade to discourage jumping from one hospital to another. Other positions often do not have that luxury.

  3. Thanks Natalie, listening. Asking questions. Thinking. Sorting. Offering. It is better to give than receive.

    And yet, in the giving…

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