Love when a blinding flash of the obvious is put on trial

Hayward Field home grandstand
You don’t have to be a runner, but you do need to do something (Hayward Field is Running’s Mecca)


Our overall health has a major impact on our job performance.

Love when a blinding flash of the obvious is put on trial. Our ability to perform our job art is diminished in direct proportion to our health.

While I can write without issue, being able to stand in front of an audience and be fully alive and engaging is, well, severely limited.

The double inguinal hernia repair surgery recovery is going slow and steady.

Thank goodness for Oxycodone. And a brand new bed.

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  1. Jeff – hopefully by now the recovery is going well. But know I am still praying for you.

  2. Bob, fast forward to today, life is good. The daily blog (as you know) is the emotion, the challenge, and the hope of each day – in real time.

    There is a second learning opportunity for the author with a style like this – was the author’s first impression (real time) of the situation accurate? And then fast forward and ask today, is that impression more accurate today? Or does it seem trivial? What have I learned that I expected would be learned? What have I learned that I never saw coming?

    Have an awesome Tuesday.

  3. Jeff,

    The observation of the author’s view during any given situation is what helps to paint the picture of your mindset and heart at any given moment. That’s what allows us days, months, and years later to look back and go, “I have changed since that point in time.” Like I say to God in the midst of a tough situation, “Lord, help me to see once I am out of this that I have become better and not bitter for it.”

    That is something I personally have to manage. I love my mom, but I also know that trials throughout her past has created a grudge mentality with a memory of everyone who has ever done her wrong. That’s what I grew up around, and so I challenge myself daily to not become negative, but to see what God has for me to learn in it the situation. Sometimes I fail. Glad He doesn’t give up on me. 🙂

    Have a wonderful Tuesday too!


  4. Bob, your story is courageous and humbling. Courageous in sharing publicly. Humbly in knowing we all carry a heavy cross.

    Bob, just yesterday a post was written that speaks to getting to a place in our life where we no longer complain. At. All.

    By the way, the writing is now 100 days ahead. 🙂

    The post will go live January 24, 2014. Zero complaining, impossible? Not at all. Easy? No way.

  5. You give me something to look forward to – a hundred days in the future! 🙂

    Thanks for your words of encouragement.

  6. You’re welcome Bob. What’s even more amazing about the post yesterday is that eight hours later, an email invitation came to be part of a 10-person ‘mastermind’ group designed to challenge each member to go 100 days without complaining.

    Rather than ask if I could still be considered (because I no longer complain about anything) the reply went back saying count me in.

    Should be interesting. Wondering what will happen when the ‘secret’ is revealed. Will there be complaints? 🙂

  7. Jeff, does this must mean you are already in the 100 day challenge. Looking forward to jan 24th.

  8. Jeff, I know that you are missing running and exercise, sometimes God just says “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10. As far as the bed goes, I guess the person before you just “took up his bed and walked” John 5:8 Praying for a quick recovery for you.

  9. Donna, not yet. Details coming soon from the meeting organizer. Don’t know if you caught it, but the gist is I no longer complain.

    In everything give thanks.

    Not as a theory, but as a way, a habit, a life.

  10. Jeff, I did get the gist and it inspired me for my own 100 day challenge. Started today and ironically the 100th day is my Birthday January 22, 2014. My challenge is to scatter kindness for 100 days but with a twist.

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