Marketing Director Position Opening

Not Sure Where It Leads To...
Not Sure Where It Leads To...

There is currently an Assistant Marketing Director position open at Mid Life Celebration, LLC.

The head of Marketing (me) is looking for tribal members to spread the idea – Live, before you die.

You saw the numbers the other day.

Here’s another.

Mid Life Celebration, LLC has logged 2,630 blog posts.

People who are driven do not know how to fail, because when they fail (and they always do), they simply pick themselves up and begin again.

Failing isn’t failing. Quitting is.

Ever think like that?

It’s one of the key traits we’re looking for in the Assistant Marketing Director position.

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  1. Is there an application form to complete?

    Does it require a face-to-face interview at the corporate office?

    What are the benefits of this position?

    Would like to learn more about this Assistant Marketing Director position.

    Already a member of the Tribe.

  2. Application and/or interview process hasn’t been defined yet.

    The benefits? Well, where does one begin to understand the benefits.

    If you believe in making no small plans, understand the power of a simple purpose, are a good and decent person, are willing to work hard with the payoff being a “resume builder”, realize the creative nature of this endeavor will have “spin-off’ opportunities if you create them, then this may be for you.

    Learning more about the position will happen as you continue to read these daily blogs. 🙂

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