Memory Lane

Where's Your Memory Lane?
Where's Your Memory Lane?

Ever look back on your life and wonder how you got where you are today?

Do you come from humble beginnings and are self-made? Or, do you come from an established bloodline where wealth is already part of your DNA?

Recently, I overheard my wife and son (9) having a conversation about before he was born and what life was like before we had him, and even before we lived in our current home (18 years now).

Cheryl was explaining how, in our first “starter” home, we didn’t have any furniture and slept on the floor in sleeping bags for a year. We had one car and lived 30 miles from Disney, where we worked as brand new Cast Members in 1984.

Guess who got the car?

“So Daddy rode his bicycle to work every day, 30 miles, one-way, to Disney’s Contemporary Resort…”

By jeff noel

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  1. Uphill? Through the snow?

    We judge ourselves by our intentions. Others………

    Someone said recently that this may be the first generation not to be better off than their parents. I bet Chapin doesn’t feel that way. It’s not, and never has been, about the stuff.

    You rock my friend.

  2. It’s not, never has been, and might I add, never will be, about the stuff.

    Takes a looooong time to comprehend it. Ususally by the blessing of some major life wake-up call.

    As was the case for us.

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