Rules? We Have Rules?

No Nothing. Have A Nice Day.
No Nothing. Have A Nice Day.

We don’t need outdated rules.

We don’t need new rules.

We need courage.


Rules are guidelines anyway.

Courage is like yeast. A little goes a long way.

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By jeff noel

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  1. My first blog post was on having a CAN attitude vs. a CANNOT attitude. We setup so many rules and regulations in our business and personal relationships that we almost set them up to fail. Rules are necessary to minimize chaos. But can they also minimize creativity? Freedom? Growth?

    Great thoughts my friend. Be strong and courageous and be not afraid.

  2. David, thanks. I completely rearranged my home office.
    It is 1,000% better.
    Opened the dialogue to investigate retirement options and part-time options.
    It’s like hitting the lottery. And I was nervous about bringing up because I thought it would send the wrong message.
    Oh, this is gonna be a blog post, I can feel it.

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