Ship It

Even If It's Small, Ship It
Even If It's Small, Ship It

The real job, the ultimate goal, of a small business entrepreneur, is to ship.

By jeff noel

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  1. At first, I didn’t get it. Now that I’ve read it again, and again, I still don’t get it. Is the focus on delivering the product to the consumer or is it about how it is delivered?

  2. David, your honesty is refreshing. Sorry for the confusion.
    To ship means you create something and people buy it.
    Ship is the term that encompasses getting the product in the hands of the customer and they pay you for it.
    There are many creative people with wonderful ideas.
    But they can not profit if they don’t ship.
    Some businesses worry about perfection and delay, or deny, shipping.
    The hidden message here is to be decisive and take calculated risks.
    Launch, learn, revise.
    And repeat.
    Over and over.

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