They now have a Facebook Page


An Orlando based group now has a Facebook Fan page.

Some day in the future, I can vividly picture these fine folks becoming a household name.

Never get bored with the basics, like thinking through your day, before you walk out the door.

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By jeff noel

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  1. This really is exciting. The flood gates are open, there is no turning back. This is what I was searching for over a year ago when I found you on linkedin. I am smiling inside.

  2. Donna, there’s part of me that thinks I understand what you mean and part that doesn’t. Floodgates? For Disney Institute?

  3. I’m not really that complicated :-). This step is going to bring them so much closer to being that “household” name you talk about. There is no turning back the information that is going to start “flooding” social media about D.I. Clearer??

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