What does the name ‘Disney’ mean to you?

Celebration Place 220 building at night
Used to work in this building. Still drop off dry-cleaning here.


The name Disney means so many amazing things to so many people, including yours truly.

Can you imagine taking your dry-cleaning to Walt Disney World Resort?

What does the name ‘Disney’ mean to you?

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  1. Jeff,

    The name “Disney” means to me something that takes on a bigger meaning than just a theme park. I didn’t get to experience Disney World until I was an adult and had my first son. That was about 13 years ago. That’s why I honestly believe I am still like a kid when it comes to Disney now. It’s all still new to me.

    But for me, “Disney” takes me back to my childhood, where I lived in a rural, poor part of Tennessee. Disney helped foster the imagination in me, as I lived vicariously through my weekly installment of “The Wonderful World of Disney” every Sunday night. That took me to a magical place that in my own world, didn’t exist. I had to carry a Disney lunchbox to school (a metal one that actually had a built-in spinner on the back so you could play a game that took you through the newly opened Disney World). I sat and drew Disney characters all the time – especially Mickey Mouse. And yes, I had the record of the original Mickey Mouse Club I played all the time and watched daily installments of the re-runs of the show (the ones with Annette Funicello).

    So as you can see, I have a very vivid memory of the magic that Disney played in my life long before I ever entered the parks. It still creates a glimmer in my eye when I talk about it (just ask my wife), and it excites me to no end when I see that same glimmer in my boys’ eyes.


  2. Bob, thank you for sharing your emotional connection. Some of the things you shared sound virtually identical to my own childhood experience with Disney.

  3. Donna, interesting, and thank you also for sharing. Personally, it’s hard to separate meaning from emotion or visa versa.

    Either way, it’s about the coolest feeling (meaning) ever.

  4. Patty, your accolades are graciously accepted because, and only because, everything Disney does is a team effort.

    A team with one common desire – to bring the absolute, very best, highest quality, most decent entertainment for people of all ages, everywhere.

  5. Patty, this behavior you describe can become a habit that ultimately determines our daily behaviors for the rest of our lives.

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