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Always the legal side of business. Totally get it. The final legal page converts normal writing style to ALL CAPS. And bolded. This is the last page of me saying if I get Covid-19, i will not hold ME responsible. This form is unrelated to Cheryl.

It was a busy two years before Covid-19, including launching an only child into the college world, record-high activity levels for Cheryl’s 36-year Disney, Executive Human Resources career, and my maturing personal, post-Disney speaking and advising business.

We own one credit card.

We do not own a debit card and have never used an ATM machine.


We do not carry cash – a habit long before Apple Pay.

Credit card statements hold literally every transaction we engage in.

It’s a lot of transactions. A lot.

During 2018-2020, to manage our workload, i only looked at credit card charges over $100. Massage Envy never met that screening criteria.

Obviously, a lesson learned and a financial process reimagined. Now, every charge is reviewed.

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