Work like you mean it: Four early “big ideas” that never took off

West Orange High School 9th grade center
He was less scared after seeing the campus.


Until you are out on your own as a solo entrepreneur, it’s easy to have a lifetime of delusional ideas about how business works. All the crazy ideas about spending money, priorities, brand building, marketing and sales – well, it’s all theory until you own it.

Dreaming is the easy part.

It’s almost pornographic how wild the business improvements or new ventures could go. All the “what if’s”. ┬áSo easy to go nuts.

Dreaming is the easy part.

Making stuff happen, nearly impossible.

Here are four early “bright ideas” that were like candles in the wind.

The coolest thing about mistakes is how much more meaningful – because of the real lessons learned – they are when you own the business.

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  1. It would be nice if we used different words than fail and mistake when it comes to business. They are way too mentally hurtful/devastating. We need something that attaches wow I had an idea, one of many ideas and it just did not work out right now. Maybe later it will maybe not, but I’ll store it in my treasure chest of ideas. It might be right for someone else or it might be right for a different time and place. My brain creates possibilities, it creates stepping stones to Aha moments when you know you have the perfect fit. We need a new word for websters

  2. Donna, nice add on to the post. Thank you.

    When i became a Cast Member 100 years ago, i stopped using the word ‘problem’ and instead only used challenge or opportunity.

    What i like about using the words fear and failure is that i see these two words as positives – helpful, and necessary, in getting to a better place quicker. And potentially, coming across a breakthrough that rarely (never?) comes from ‘safety’.

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