Are we even aware of our ego and how much it gets in the way?

some things are difficult to understand… all the headline is intended to do is get us to look


Are we even aware of our ego and how much it gets in the way?

This question scares the heck out of me.

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Insight: Literally without fail, what we see and dislike in others, is our own blind spot as well.

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  1. I catch myself in this strange twisted trap — complaining in my head about somebody’s bad habit and then the light goes on … I am guilty of what I condemn others for…

  2. Natalie, recognizing the trap is a great start. Being conscious of it most of the time is even a higher level of difficulty.

    Being ever present, and acting and reacting (ebb and flow) to become completely accepting and non-judgemental is like being an Olympic athlete – the highest level of self awareness.

    And even better, the icing on the cake, is we can actually train (form a totally new habit) ourselves to only see the good in others and tell people how much we appreciate that thing about them.

    For example, love the way you make the world a better place through being a great parent and focusing on core, fundamental moral and ethical values, and almost always using a spoonful of suger (Goose humor) to help the medicine go down.

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