One career question, one answer


Q. Does your job description include being remarkable?

A. Do it anyway!

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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    Every time I hear something like your comments today, I think of the old movie with Andy Griffith called, “No Time for Sergeants.” When given the thankless task of cleaning the barracks latrines, he made the urinals shine like never before. He took pride in doing the extraordinary – the remarkable – when it wasn’t in the job description. This is a lesson I am trying to instill in my boys – to not just settle for the bare minimum, but to strive for giving the best.


  2. Bob, the trick is to convince the voices inside our head that it matters, in spite of conditioning from society. Have a remarkable day today. Heading out the door right now (5:55am). Going to Disney World!

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