What Brings The Greatest Joy For Most Employees On The Job?

Know what brings most employees their greatest joy each day at work?

Going home. What’s your greatest joy on the job?

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  1. I stopped in the office yesterday and while I was visiting a husband and wife came in looking for their lot information. Helping them and others is the best part of my job. I love my job. 🙂

  2. Jeff,

    Knowing who I am doing it for is my greatest joy. Am I pleasing God, and am I taking care of my family? Like this morning – I am waking up to St. Louis early morning time, as I am trying to catch an earlier flight back home. Why? My work is done, and I miss my family!


  3. Patty and Bob. We are amongst the blessed when we can say we have found our purpose. Safe travels to you both.
    And thank you for visiting.

  4. Thank you both! There is definitely something “restful” in the place called “Home.”

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