What type of leader have we become since high school?

work challenges
The answer to a brand manager’s top three daily time consuming tasks, in a LinkedIn messaging exchange.


old fashioned type writer
Imagine how much effort it was without spell check, cut & paste, and delete.


Fall trees in yellow
Blurry wasn’t intentional, but it’s a great metaphor to aging.


Disney Mickey Mouse image
The High School tour last night included seeing this poster outside the Music room.


Frank Zappa quote
Also outside the Music room…my personal favorite of the many posters i saw on the hour tour.


What type of leader have we become since high school?

Does this even cross our mind?

Should it?

Should it not?

Forty years is a lot of time to grow, to transform even.

But have we?

Are we better?

Or have we not?


Totally worth feeling amazing about our answer.




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