What’s the point of a (72-hour) challenge?

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Yesterday, October 9, Day 31 of an epic 365-day writing challenge.


What’s the point of a challenge?

Just think about the question’s significance for a moment. And be mindful we aren’t always receptive to someone else challenging us.

Maybe that’s why challenges, especially brief ones, may not be something we’d give serious attention too.

Maybe never.

What can possibly be accomplished within 72 hours?

Here are some of my 72-hour challenges, they all began small and all transformed me:

  • i conclude every speech with a 72-hour challenge (since 2013)
  • i always use lower case i in all communications (lesson in humilty, since 2009)
  • lower case name on book (which authors do that?) (2013 Amazon)
  • 1 year not using me, my, i, mine (email, text, 1825 blog posts, Tweets, FB, LI) (2013)
  • answer every message within 24 hours (since 07.01.15)
  • drive the speed limit without exception (since 1999)
  • start each day on your knees, without exception (since 1999)
  • remain patient, without exception (2003, when our son was 2 years old)
  • don’t go more than 72 hours without exercising, some exceptions allowed (04.01.99)
  • eliminate cursing (1984 when i returned to Disney)
  • remain in constant gratitude, even when the sky is falling (since 1996)

What is the power of a catalyst?

No spark, no fire

No fire, no hope

No hope, no plan

No plan, no transformation


It all starts with a spark; some small change that leads to transformation if practiced, and honed, long enough.


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