Would You Rather Be Smart Or Wise?

We are taught, mostly, to study and get good grades. And get a job and learn to do it well.

What if we were taught how to be self-employed? What if we were taught to find a better way to make the current way obsolete?

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By jeff noel

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  1. Wise. Absolutely.
    Smart is easy. But didn’t amount to much without wisdom. As long as you can stay in a protected bubble, smart works. I kicked butt in high school -top of my class. But I was too busy doing well at what the structure laid out for me. When I got to college, I fell apart.
    Spent the last decade recovering.
    I’m glad that I’ve grown in wisdom, because parenting would be impossible without it.

  2. Craig, love your honest, candid sharing. It’s obvious, to me, that you’ve grown in wisdom. Keep moving forward. 🙂

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