A Disney Keynote Speaker career-defining moment

Disney Keynote Speakers
Joy. Can you please help me with my joy? i’d like it overflowing, please. Photo: random and unintentional yesterday.


A Disney Keynote Speaker career-defining moment is when you are intuitive enough to notice (and act on) what no one else is noticing (and acting on).

Climb the ladder.

How can you not?


If you pause long enough to keenly observe the obvious, you’ll notice something that is either invisible or, visible and ignored.

People in the levels above you – look closely.

Watch them over the months and years.

Are they filled with joy at what they do for a living?

Look at the Disney Leaders at every level above you.

Are they joyful?

This is not a dig.

This is an incredible insight.

An insight into a massive, world-class organization.

Not intending to ruin any Magic for anyone.

Chapin, be careful. There is literally no organization in the world that is immune from this….

What i realized was that there is no amount of (extra) money that would be worth more than the (abundant) joy i get from being a Disney Keynote Speaker.


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