Call came in from Malaysia

Disney Jungle Cruise boat bumper sticker
Yesterday, May 5, 2015…a cool bumper sticker.


Velarie is 12 hours ahead. No big deal. It was 8:45pm last night when she rang my iPhone.

She had Googled “Best HR Management speakers in USA”.

And found me a few weeks ago. We began emailing and finally arranged for last night’s call.

Marcus Evans is a global event company. While speaking to 100 Malaysian Government sector HR executives for free will not work out, perhaps another event with a larger, more profit centered audience will.

Time will tell.

It always does.

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  1. So amazing. So free is not on your pricing schedule? I get their strategy though.

  2. Donna, thanks for your comment. And they were also only willing to pay half my international airfare.

    One of the key things in building your brand is helping your customers understand what’s negotiable and what isn’t.

    I’m not delusional… I’m an entrepreneur. 🙂

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