Challenge the audience to complete all these leaderships action items

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Time to roll up our sleeves?


In a few days the opportunity to speak to an audience about leadership will be in front of me. One month ago I was already picturing how it would go. And how to make it better than it has been designed.

At varying points in the class I will challenge the audience to complete all these leaderships action items before they walk out the door:

  1. Have them email a thank you to a colleague, direct report, boss, client, vendor who sent them.
  2. Have them rewrite their email out of office message using thank you and please at least once.
  3. Have them re-record their voice message greeting using thank you and please at least once.
  4. Have them create a minimum ten electronic file folders for email.
  5. Have them purchase a leadership book of their choice on amazon (will recommend Lee Cockerell).
  6. Have them install kindle for free on their smart phone.
  7. Have them install flashlight free app on their smart phone.
  8. Ask them to pledge to not text and drive.
  9. Ask them to pledge to not swear at work.
  10. Have them email a lunch invitation to someone they don’t know but should.
  11. Have them email a lunch invitation to someone they dislike but should not, perhaps someone close to them like their secretary, their peer, or their boss.
  12. Park on the back row and walk from now on.
  13. Pledge to drive the speed limit from now on.
  14. Go for a one minute walk out and one minute walk back and add one minute each day until they walk 15 minutes per day.
  15. Do one push up a day for a week. Add one pushup each week to the daily total. Get to 10 before deciding to quit or keep going.
  16. Start the day on your knees for 10 seconds and simply think about something they are exceptionally grateful for. Insist that this is not prayer time but thinking time and the act of being on their knees tests their comfort zone, that’s all.
  17. Say please and thank you. All the time.

Have never done this. Which is great because most likely the audience will have never done half of what they will be asked to do.

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  1. Jeff,

    The list is incredible! Thanks for the reminders!!!

    I hope you have a blessed day!


  2. Bob, waking up and having a Loving God to thank was blessing number one. And it’s just been getting better from there. About to head out the door for a run.

    To have a healthy body and a free, safe Country, etc…..

  3. Donna, it was amazing. Didn’t do them all at once. Sprinkled them in throughout the day.

    It was transformational. For both audience and instructor.

    They left better than when they arrived, with tangible evidence.

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