Client needs a biographical paragraph to introduce the Disney speaker

Juilliard Performing Arts Center
Juilliard Center for the Performing Arts – progress as i walked across campus to the Headmaster’s office.


Headmaster's Dog at High School
Headmaster’s Dog at High School meeting yesterday.


Headmaster's Dog at High School
Willow does what dogs do.


Disney Keynote Speaker jeff noel
Yesterday, a rare sighting….me, in a suit and tie.


Here’s a resource created for online access 24/7…

jeff noel intro and photo.

Additionally, some soundbites for whoever will introduce the Disney Keynote Speaker.

  • 30 years experience from Disney’s Board Room to Disney’s bathrooms.
  • Received both Walt Disney Lifetime Achievement awards.
  • Recently retired to give speeches to change the world.
  • Retired as Disney Institute’s highest rated, most requested speaker.
  • Believes work is only work if you’d rather be doing something else.
  • Allergic to most pollens and mediocrity, he can’t wait for the alarm clock to go off every morning.
  • Since 1999, jeff has spoken to one million+ people, and 2,000 organizations globally through Disney Institute.

Will this work?

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