Crazy How Fast It Adds Up

The other day, in doing the math, an epiphany:

  • 12 years, Professional Speaker
  • Speaking 48 weeks a year
  • Averaging, conservatively, 500 people per week
  • 1248500 = 288,000

This number could actually be double, 576,000, but I’d rather err on conservative side.

Speaking at Church, roughly 1,200 people each time. Keynotes can have 3,000, more commonly though, 300-800. A workshop, maybe 40.

Crazy how it adds up. Bet it’s true for you as well, in whatever it is you do.

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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    In doing the math, perspective can also breed confidence in following your passion!

    Keep up the great work – oh, but wait. If you are following your passion, it isn’t work, but a pleasure! 🙂 The work is all the other “stuff” you have to do so that you can get to the pleasure.


  2. Finding a long line of people to boost your confidence is like trying to move a camel through the eye of a needle.

    Unselfish self-promotion may have relevance, until a critical mass, a Tribe, a brand, is established.

    All of us, every last one of us, deserves more credit.

    And all of us, are not nearly as great as we think we are.

    Quite a paradox.

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